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Essential Oil Basics

Introduction to Essential Oils

Whether you’ve had a little experience with essential oils and need a refresher or you’re just getting started, understanding what essential oils are, where they come from, and how they are made will help you see why they are useful and why they have been popular for centuries.

What Are Essential Oils?


Essential Oil Definition

Natural, highly concentrated compounds hidden in the roots, bark, seeds, flowers, or other areas of a plant. They are what gives the plant its aroma.


To the Root of Plants and People

Essential oils are an effective way to address the root cause of health problems because they can permeate the cell membrane to address the 'cooties' attacking the inside and the outside of the cell that may affect your health.


Natural Aromatic Compounds

From a scientific perspective, essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds. The word “volatile” refers to an essential oil’s ability to change its state quickly from a liquid to a gas giving it the ability to be inhaled and applied.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Moms need help...Oils help! -Jocelyne Walsh, Wellness Advocate

Safe, Affordable, Effective Solutions

If you are new to essential oils, you might be thinking, “Do I really have use for essential oils in my normal, everyday life?” Many beginners think that you have to be an essential oil pro to know how to use oils, but the truth is essential oils are natural and safe—making them easy to use, even if you are just getting started.

The History of Essential Oils

As natural compounds found in the earth, essential oils have been used for centuries for things like food preparation, aromatherapy, religious ceremonies, beauty treatments, health care practices, and more.

Essential Oils were man's medicine before man-made medicine...♥

The Physical Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to using essential oils because the chemical makeup of each essential oil allows them to provide specific and targeted benefits to the body. Essential oils provide support, relief, and balance to aid the body in what it does naturally and that is to heal itself.

The Emotional Benefits

Essential oils can help us manage our mood because of their unique chemical structure and aroma. Each one creates a different chemical reaction in the brain, causing different emotions and internal responses. Our sense of smell can produce powerful mental, physiological, and emotional responses, making it is easy to use them to influence emotions.

Who Is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is Like Family -Karen Carbonneau, Wellness Advocate

Sourcing Matters

dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing strategy is also a deliberate approach to provide ethically responsible employment opportunities for those involved in the essential oil supply chain by creating and sustaining jobs in rural and underserved areas. dōTERRA is committed to benefiting everyone involved: from the small-scale producers to the end users—from the source to you.

Giving Back Matters

The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® is working to empower people and communities worldwide to make a positive change through partnerships for global impact and community development.

Research Matters

As a leader in the essential oil industry, dōTERRA invests in research and testing to remain at the forefront of essential oil science. Through partnerships with research facilities, hospitals, and universities, we’re learning more about the therapeutic potential of essential oils.

Quality and Testing Matters

Pure Essential Oils Pass Tests
To ensure that each bottle of essential oil is pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers, dōTERRA created the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol. The CPTG process includes a rigorous examination of every batch of oil, along with third-party testing to guarantee transparency. Learn how dōTERRA is leading the industry...

Health Care Matters

Prime Meridian Healthcare Clinics
dōTERRA is at the forefront of working to change the landscape of health care. They’re building health care clinics that focus on integrative care, utilizing both traditional and holistic medicine.

Learn more about new and planned PRIME MERIDIAN clinics in your area.

How to Use Essential Oils

I know I can trust dōTERRA to provide pure, safe essential oils for my customers. -Christine Perea, Wellness Advocate

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils


Aromatic Usage

If you use an essential oil “aromatically,” it means that you experience the properties or “aroma” of the oil through the air.


Topical Usage

 Essential oils easily penetrate the skin for localized benefits, making topical (on the skin) application a great way to experience the benefits of essential oils.


Internal Usage

 One of the most common reasons for ingesting essential oils is to reap the wide array of wellness benefits that can come from internal use.

The Most Popular Essential Oils

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Take Charge of Your Health Now!

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Discover Safe, Effective, Affordable Solutions

What Are Your Top 3 Health Concerns?

With dōTERRA, it is easy to tailor your essential oil experience to your own specific health care needs, instead of settling for a generic solution.

Among many health benefits, essential oils can be used to soothe occasional skin irritations, promote healthy digestion, support good oral health, create feelings of clear airways, and more.

Body Systems and Wellness Topics

Learn more about how essential oils can be useful throughout all the systems of the body to support your wellness goals.

Essential Oils, Supplements, and Personal Care Products:

Learn which products to use to address each of your specific needs.

It's Time You Took Charge Of Your Health!


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