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  1. Tanya Greaser on 7 December 2020 at 5:43 am

    Product Availability

    Over the past months, doTERRA has faced an unprecedented set of circumstances.
    Their supply chain has always been unique, and the current landscape has shown them how important it is to have a healthy supply chain and relationships of trust from top to bottom.
    Above everything else, their dedication to quality is always first.
    We are confident that we can work through challenges and are taking extra measures to adapt and grow as a result.
    doTERRA’s sourcing members, partners, and manufacturing teams located around the world are all working to keep up with increased demand.
    We appreciate your patience as they correct out-of-stock situations without compromising the quality you expect from doTERRA.
    Please visit this page regularly to confirm which of our products are available in limited quantities or currently unavailable.

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