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You May OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of the  Loyalty Reward Program Anytime.

Personal Wellness Requires a Daily Committment. You Can Rely on doTERRA To Help Every Month.

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When You Help Someone You Love

dōTERRA Rewards You!

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No Monthly Obligation.

Buy What You Need, When You Need it. Period.

Earn Free Product Credits EVERY MONTH With The Loyalty Rewards Program

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Free is my 'Love Language' -Cara Flynn, Wellness Advocate

LRP Steps

Accrue Your Rate at Your Own Pace

  • If you can't place a 50+ pv order every month, don't worry, we got you covered! You don't start over, you just pick up at month you left off at and keep climbing! 
  • You only need to place an order with ANY PV AMOUNT to stay in the LRP program, keep the points you've already earned, and stay at the step that you're on. 
The Loyalty Rewards Program is for you if...

Testimonials About the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • At 30% back, it's the best rewards program I belong to. I get at least $15 back plus shipping points every month. That percentage is unheard of at any store I know of!" - KC
  • "I never have to worry about remembering to order my daily supplements because dōTERRA sends them automatically on the day that I have pre-set! - MN

Get Free Shipping

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Free Has Never Been Easier!

There is nothing you need to do to collect your shipping points. Place your wholesale account order at any time of the month and dōTERRA automatically calculates your earned points for you. Confirm them yourself at checkout!

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